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Transforming your vision into a creative masterpiece.

About Us

Our Commitment


      Our goal at Creative X Studio is not only to produce exceptional imagery, but a place to experience professional and efficient photographic and videographic services. As artists, we excel in developing and transforming thoughts into creative masterpieces - making the ordinary extraordinary! This core value is what Creative X Studio is continuously offering our satisfied clientele. Our creativity combined with our technical training makes for a seamless transition from your vision to the end masterpiece.

      Creative X Studio services include; wedding, lifestyle, portraits, architectural, travel, corporate and a variety of video coverage. Our team or individual photographers will meet with clients to discuss personal requirements ensuring a memorable and artistic product is the end result. 



Our Crew

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Cameron McDonald

Growing up, photography and cinematography had always been something I had been naturally interested in. Loving the art so much, I decided that I would study it in post secondary in hopes I would have my dream “job”. With my experience through college, and freelancing, I learned I needed to create my own style, and be different than all the rest. I bring a lot of creativity, positivity to my style of shooting, and always try using my clients' vision to combine the perfect balance of my ideas as well. Being unique is my ultimate goal, I am always willing to try a new concept, nothing is too crazy, so please don’t hesitate to ask!


Jingkai Wang

Not only have I fulfilled my dream through shooting and cinematographing, but also have been serving clients with the duty of artists. Fortunately, I had started learning fine arts since my childhood, by which it has brought me a profound aesthetic background to augment photography and images of motion. A strong relationship between the customer and me is always what I try to push. Bringing our customers the visual enjoyment is always my top requirement!

Don Li

What I have connected to photography has been specializing in printing images up to the level of collectable quality. Loving visual art like photography was my calling when I was little. After honing my calibre for years of shooting photos, I realized bringing a way to let customers appreciate the art work is significantly on demand. Here the commitment comes. We will strive our best to turn your visual memories into pleasant outcomes!